FAQ – Questions & Answers

How can we offer a cheaper price than other stores?

Because there are no middlemen between us (the producers) and you (the consumer). In addition, with our method there are no storage costs and the collective orders lead to better transport conditions. We invest our time in the quality of the fruit and you save money because there is no intermediary between us and you, the customer.

Why doesn't La Montesina offer home delivery?

Home delivery means using delivery services. These do not transport the goods in temperature-controlled (i.e. refrigerated) vehicles. If the recipient’s address cannot be found straight away, deliveries are often postponed to the next day. The quality of fresh and ripe citrus fruits suffers as a result. In addition, these last mile deliveries make organic citrus fruits excessively expensive.

What do the La Montesina quality labels guarantee?

Our organic certificate, issued by the Valencian Community and the EU, guarantees that La Montesina meets the strict expectations for organic citrus cultivation. Every year our plantations are inspected by representatives of the Committee for Organic Agriculture in the Valencian Community (CAECV).

Why are there different sized fruits in my box?

Quite simply: fruits of various sizes grow on every tree. Since we pack directly in the field, each crate will contain fruits of various sizes. The large ones are easier to peel and the small ones are ideal for juicing. Remember: we only pick the ripe ones!

How long can I store the fruit?

If you store the fruits in a cold (1-5 ° C) and dry place, the oranges, grapefruits and lemons will last at least a month. The clementines can be kept for around 2 weeks. Temperatures above 5 ° C let the fruit spoil quickly; they freeze below 0 ° C.

Can you use the peels, for example for baking?

Since the fruits are organically certified, we can guarantee that there are no residues on the peel or in the fruits. You can easily process the whole fruit: for example the zest for delicious desserts or jams.

Is it true that grapefruit and certain medicines are incompatible?

Yes, that’s right! Grapefruit juice can provoke dangerous interactions with certain medicines, for example, those for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or certain heart problems. You can find this information on the medication’s package insert, so read it carefully. And maybe replace the grapefruit with a delicious orange or lemon. ☺