Mis naranjas: Directo a tu tienda –

From farmer to farmer to you.

Whether juicy oranges, seedless clementines, aromatic lemons or yellow and red grapefruits – all of our sustainably grown organic citrus fruits are only picked when they are completely ripe. They can be picked up from your farm shop just 48 hours after the harvest, without detours or storage. An incomparable taste and a unique freshness, as if you had just picked your fruit yourself and ate it in the field.

Nuestra fruta –

Happiness grows in our fields



Star Ruby

Marsh Seedless

Limón Fino

La Montesina bets exclusively on the traditional, local and tasties citrus varieties. Cultivation takes place strictly according to organic standards of the EU and is controlled by the certification body of the Valencian Community. Our organic citrus fruits from La Montesina are guaranteed 100% free from residues and pesticides!

Cómo funciona –

Planted. Matured. Picked. Enjoyed.

Our oranges ripen on the tree, not in cold storage.

We pay attention to the very best quality. Sustainably cultivated and lovingly cared for. Only the fruits that are completely ripe are picked, by hand, naturally. That is the secret behind the unmistakable aroma and high vitamin content of La Montesina – citrus fruits.

At your place in just 48 hours.

You order, we go out to our fields, pick and pack your citrus fruit in wooden crates and send them straight to you. The order arrives at the farm shop within 48 hours. Temperature-controlled (refrigerated) transport guarantees that the good properties of our citrus fruit are preserved.

Too good for the supermarket.

Thanks to direct distribution, i.e. without intermediaries, La Montesina fruits can be stored and kept longer. And for us that means being able to invest more time and resources in organic farming. The fact that we still offer our citrus fruits at an extremely fair price is only possible with passion and love for our product.

Dios sabe lo que es bueno –

God knows what is good.