Nuestra fruta –

Happiness grows in our fields

La Montesina bets exclusively on the traditional, local and tasties citrus varieties. Cultivation takes place strictly according to organic standards of the EU and is controlled by the certification body of the Valencian Community. Our organic citrus fruits from La Montesina are guaranteed 100% free from residues and pesticides!

Organic navel oranges

The traditional and flavorful orange variety which harmoniously balances sweetness and acidity. An excellent, easy-to-peel table orange, also ideal for squeezing fresh juice with the maximum vitamin content. The best juice is obtained when it is prepared immediately before consumption.

Ripe from late November to mid-March.
Types: Navelina (Nov.-Jan.) & Washington Navel (Jan.-Mar.), Crates of approx. 9kg

Organic clementines

The queen of the clementine varieties is called Clemenules and this is the one we grow! It is characterized by its intense aroma and a good sweetness / acidity balance. Because it is easy to peel, it is particularly popular with children. Generally speaking they are is seedless. However in some years they do have a few seeds. That’s nature.

Ripe from late November to late December.
Variety: Clemenules, crates of approx. 9 kg

Organic pink grapefruit

Grapefruits with red flesh, a full-bodied aroma, a discreet bitter note and a pinkish dab on the skin. Their texture is firmer and crisper than that of yellow grapefruits, with mostly large seedless fruits.

Season from late November to March.
Sort: Star Ruby, crates of approx. 9 kg

Organic yellow grapefruit

The original grapefruit variety with yellow pulp, a delicate consistency and high juice content. Characteristic grapefruit taste, slightly bitter and smaller than its pink sister. Usually seedless, individual seeds can appear sporadically.

Ripe from mid-December to March.
Variety: Marsh Seedless, crates of approx. 9 kg

Organic lemons

At La Montesina, we only grow the traditional lemon variety. Thanks to their well-balanced acidity, our lemons have a very intense aroma. Their tender pulp and high juice content guarantee easy and efficient pressing. “Fino” is the name of this traditional lemon variety because it has a fine, thin skin.

Season from late November to mid-March.
Variety: Limón Fino, crates of approx. 9kg